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Become a Partner

Be part of the solution.

The Solida Foundation helps make sober living possible by providing eligible candidates with scholarships for recovery programs. You can be a part of the solution by partnering with The Solida Foundation in its efforts to make long-term resources more accessible to recovering addicts.


In conjunction with sober living facilities, counselors, and therapists, The Solida Foundation helps others help themselves. 

Learn more about our two-pronged approach to recovery HERE.

Corporate Partner

Do you have a similar mission as The Solida Foundation? Consider becoming a corporate partner so we can work together to meet our respective goals. Corporate partnerships help keep our scholarships funded while offering your business beneficial tax deductions, publicity, and cause marketing opportunities.

Ways to Partner with The Solida Foundation

Our scholarships are made possible by generous donations, which is just one way your business can be involved in The Solida Foundation’s mission with minimal effort.

One-time or recurring donations are always appreciated, but we also have opportunities available for long-term partnerships.


Donation Matching

Is your business looking for ways to make meaningful contributions to the community, and those in need of rehabilitation services?  You can become a partner by matching donations for recovery scholarships offered by The Solida Foundation.

Rehabilitation Center Partner

The Solida Foundation partners with rehabilitation centers to provide qualified care to those in recovery. If your establishment is interested in collaborating with The Solida Foundation to offer access to rehabilitation, contact us today. We will carefully review your rehabilitation services to ensure they’re a good match for scholarship recipients looking for in- or outpatient placement.

Benefits of Forming Strong Community Partnerships

Funding Opportunities

Collaborations between organizations may increase everyone’s chances of receiving future grants, mutually benefiting both parties.


Utilizing marketing channels from two organizations means increased reach for both parties. Exposure from The Solida Foundation events, such as via our Alema Harrington Recovery Classic annual golf tournament, can show that your organization supports worthy causes and generate additional interest in your brand.

Contact The Solida Foundation today if you’re interested in any of the partnership opportunities mentioned above.