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Problems We Identify and Solutions We Offer

Disease is defined as an illness, a sickness that causes an interruption, cessation, or disorder of bodily functions, systems, or organs.


Addiction is classified as a disease by the American Medical Association and falls under the umbrella of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The opioid crisis in the United States is considered a health epidemic that affects social, economic, and family systems.


Did you know that only 1 in 10 individuals experiencing addiction seek treatment? And, of the 10 who seek treatment, only 4 will complete their programs. Additionally, only 1 in 5 recovering alcoholics who successfully complete rehab will remain sober for an entire year.

Why This Happens

There is a lack of mentoring and case management services available to people in recovery. Far too often, clients fall through the cracks when transitioning from residential treatment because of insufficient case management resources. Many of us are familiar with the concept of a sponsor for those in recovery, but not everyone has access to one.

The Cost

Besides the personal toll addiction takes, there are significant financial costs annually:

People often relapse on their sobriety journey due to insufficient financial resources for access to sober living facilities and ongoing therapy. Without funding, addicts find themselves in substandard treatment facilities or outpatient programs that can’t meet their needs. Additionally, they don’t have the money to afford ongoing aftercare such as a room in a sober living facility or ongoing therapy.

There is a significant human cost associated with addiction, as over 96,700 people die annually from drug overdoses, including over 11,000 fatal DUI crashes reported in 2020. Addiction destroys self-worth, productivity, and relationships.

The Solida Foundation Solutions

The Solida Foundation provides intensive mentoring post-discharge from residential treatment for up to one year. Our mentoring includes:

In addition to providing mentoring, The Solida Foundation also teaches self-reliance and the importance of service.

How The Solida Foundation Helps

We’re able to offer these services thanks to multiple revenue streams, including profits from Solbriety, corporate sponsorships, and generous donations.