Recovery Scholarships

Once a person has made the decision to work on recovery, how can one of the Solida Foundation scholarships help?

Services Funded by Scholarships

Rehabilitation scholarships for addicts matter because they provide an opportunity for people with addiction problems to get the treatment they need to recover. Many addicts cannot afford the costs of treatment, so these scholarships can make a big difference. Treatment can be very expensive, and it is often not covered by insurance. This means that addicts who want to get clean and sober often have to pay out of pocket for treatment. Rehabilitation scholarships can help addicts cover the costs of treatment and get the help they need to recover.

The donations collected by Solida can be allocated toward the following services related to recovery:

Where Does Funding Come From?

Solida receives donations from private donors, as well as grants.

Who is Eligible for a Recovery Scholarship?

Anyone who applies for a rehabilitation scholarship with Solida will undergo a selection process that includes substance abuse and mental health evaluations. Additionally, individuals will need to be matched with rehabilitation agencies that specialize in the treatment modalities that are best for them.

Scholarship recipients will be monitored and undergo weekly evaluations to ensure they’re committed to their sobriety processes.

Accountability is a large part of getting sober, so scholarship recipients are expected to make payments toward their fees for two years. If they are able to maintain their sobriety during those years, the remainder of the fees owed will be forgiven.

Do You Want To Stay Sober Long Term?

If you have a sincere desire to get sober, fill out the below section to begin the process of healing. You are also welcome to call the number below, day or night!