Recovery Scholarships

Once a person has made the decision to work on recovery, how can one of the Solida Foundation scholarships help?

Services Funded by Scholarships

As people transition from Residential Treatment, the discovery
phase, the true journey of Recovery begins in the real world. Many lack the
necessary funds to truly complete their healing process. For this reason, The
Solida Foundation provides scholarships for these crucial recovery components:

Provide up to 9 months.

Provide up to 30 sessions.

Educational and vocational training, as deemed necessary by Mentor.

Where Does Funding Come From?

Solida receives donations from private donors, as well as grants.

Who is Eligible for a Recovery Scholarship?

The first requirement is a sincere desire to get and stay sober, Long Term. Each candidate will be fully assessed for substance abuse, mental
health and economic need. Our mission is to help those who don’t have access to the resources necessary to attain Long Term Sobriety.

Once accepted, clients will be assigned a Mentor, matched with appropriate sober living and therapy while being monitored on a weekly basis with drug tests and a Mentor Life Plan check-in.

Do You Want To Stay Sober Long Term?

If you have a sincere desire to get sober, fill out the below section to begin the process of healing. You are also welcome to call the number below, day or night!