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Volunteer to Fight Addiction

Feel powerless against addiction? Help your loved ones and yourself by volunteering your talent, time, and resources.

The Solida Foundation helps fight addiction by offering scholarships for treatment, including therapy and vocational training. As an individual, what can you do to help?

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Become a Partner

The Solida Foundation welcomes corporate partnerships. If you belong to a community that is interested in working with us to help bring recovery opportunities to addicts, learn more HERE.


Your one-time or ongoing donation to The Solida Foundation is one way to volunteer assistance in the fight against addiction. To help people on their recovery journeys, your donations are invaluable; without funding, we can’t help addicts work toward rehabilitation and self-sufficiency.

Become a Mentor

Are you familiar with the road to recovery? If you’ve overcome addiction, you can serve as a mentor to someone just starting their sobriety journey. Volunteering as a source of support to a recovering addict can provide an addict with a safe place to turn when they need to make important decisions in recovery.

How Volunteering Helps YOU

Gives You a Purpose

Helping others can bring a sense of purpose to your everyday life. Whether or not you’re a recovering addict yourself, volunteering can give more meaning to your life by allowing you to make a positive impact on others.

Builds Your Network

Looking for a community that has similar goals as you? Volunteering is a great way to find it. You’ll be surrounded by others who also want to fight addiction and who enjoy serving.

Improves Your Physical and Mental Health

No matter where you choose to give your time and resources, studies show that volunteering can reduce blood pressure (related to increased physical activity), and reduce cortisol (stress hormone) production. Volunteering to help others can increase endorphin (“feel-good” hormone) production and help reduce symptoms of depression.

If volunteering is this good for YOU, think about how good it is for the recipient!

Volunteer with The Solida Foundation Today

To donate or to discover ways you can volunteer with The Solida Foundation, get in touch today.