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Finding a New Job After Rehab & Counseling

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Regaining stability after addiction counseling or rehab treatment is no small feat, but finding and keeping a job can propel us in the right direction. While the idea of finding the right employees can be intimidating, this is your chance to fill your life with new opportunities and revitalize your career.

Getting back into the workplace will present its unique obstacles, and it may not be without its compromises. However, remember that your journey is simply beginning. Keep a fresh outlook on this time in your life, and remember that you’re not alone. Many Americans have not only gone through addiction recovery but have left to find success in a variety of careers. We’re here to give you some tips, advice, and suggestions on finding a new lease on your work life.

Think About What YOU Want to Do?

So, you’ve recently begun addiction counseling or finished rehab. The most challenging question to sometimes answer is, what’s next? Although recovery programs can bring many a new lease on life, it also means rebuilding your career or refreshing your career path entirely. Now’s the time to choose what direction you want to go in. But what if you’re unsure? Here’s a shortlist of where to start.

  • Speak with your addiction counselor
  • Speak with a job counselor
  • Have your skills tested
  • Identify your abilities
  • Ask yourself what you want out of a career

No matter how you choose to proceed, one thing is sure; you’ll need to set goals, set intentions, and pick a direction to move in. Your life has many meanings, and a fulfilling career only adds to that. Relapse isn’t something anyone wants, but choosing not to make goals for yourself or waiting in the pre-career limbo can increase the odds of relapse. So the first steps are to decide what you want to do. The next step is to speak with an addiction therapist or your counselor about getting access to any resources.

Use the Resources Around You

Many rehab programs that you might seek out have services to help those recovering with the transition back into daily life. This may include transportation and housing to child care and higher education. However, employment might be at the very top of your list.

Even if you’re working with a program that doesn’t have a fully structured program for finding work after rehab, resources can be provided to you for little to no cost. Don’t be afraid to ask your recovery team or your personal network for help with resume writing or interview practice. Set yourself up for success and reach out to anyone that can safely help you.

  • Keep online resources in mind! Sites like Career One Stop let you search for explore careers, find training, and offer local assistance.

Always Prioritize Recovery

It can be exciting to get back to work, but always remember to keep your recovery as your priority. It can be tempting to put continued work with counselors and therapists on the back burner. However, recovery is a lifelong journey; take significant life changes one step at a time. Be sure to check in with yourself and how your goal of finding employment may be affecting you in all ways. 

Find Your Solid Foundation

Regardless of if you’re only beginning your recovery journey or you are currently rebuilding after recovery, our team is here for you. We’re here to provide those with the tools to help you regain insight into your relationship with yourself and those around you. Finding work after recovery isn’t always a clear path from point A to B. The Solida Foundation is a nonprofit and charitable foundation that serves our community by redefining your life and finding hope for a better future. Contact us today to learn more.