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Solida's Mission

The Solida Foundation is a private foundation that provides scholarship funding, for individuals lacking resources and that are afflicted with the disease of Addiction, to obtain Residential Treatment, Sober Living and ongoing Addiction and Trauma Therapy.

We believe that people who have a sincere desire to get sober should be given the opportunity for quality care, no matter their financial circumstances.

The Challenge

People are suffering every day from the lack of accessibility to addiction treatment.

Many times, people that don’t have resources end up attending publicly-funded facilities that are often financially over-extended, understaffed, and located in unfavorable areas. Long waiting lists are also common– so long, in fact, it puts individuals at risk of relapse, or even death.

The Solution

One of the biggest shortcomings of addiction treatment is the lack of follow up care. Studies show that only one in five people who graduate a residential treatment program (typically 30-60 days) stays sober for at least a year. Something has been missing. Continuum of care. Studies also show that if a client receives residential treatment and also gets involved in outside counseling along with an aftercare group and sober living their chances of long term recovery (two years of abstinence) increases dramatically. This is why at the Solida Foundation we focus our time, money and effort on the treatment after treatment.

We do this by providing scholarships for programs that have been proven to positively impact chances for long term sobriety. These programs include scholarships for individual trauma counseling. Sober Living scholarships and placement with accredited and certified homes and real life addiction coaching to help clients assimilate in to society and become contributors to their community.

Do You Want To Stay Sober Long Term?

If you have a sincere desire to get sober, just 51% in, fill out the below section to begin the process of Healing. You are welcome to call the below number day or night as well.